Special Order Flavors

Some days, you may find that we have these flavors in the case, if not, they are a special order flavor. Minimum order of 6 cupcakes of one flavor. All of our cupcakes are also available as cakes. Specialty flavors may need a minimum of 7 days notice for some recipes.

Banana Cream Vanilla cupcake, fresh banana and banana cream filling, chocolate glaze, topped with buttercream

Coffee Bean Chocolate cupcake, espresso buttercream filling, chocolate glaze, topped with espresso buttercream

NY Cheesecake Cheesecake cupcake topped with choice of fruit or flavored buttercreams

Spice Chocolate Cappuccino Spice chocolate cake filled with spiced pastry cream topped with espresso buttercream

Peanut Butter and Jelly Vanilla cake, raspberry matisse, topped with peanut butter, buttercream

Bourbon Peach Cobbler Vanilla cake baked with bourbon soaked peaches and biscuit topped with fresh whipped cream icing Lemon Drop Lemon cake, lemon mousse filling, topped with lemon buttercream

German Chocolate Chocolate cake, coconut pecan filling, chocolate glaze, topped with coconut pecan icing and chocolate buttercream Tres Leche Vanilla cupcake soaked with a 3 milk rum sauce and topped with meringue

Black Forest Chocolate cherry cup cake, cherry filling, topped with whipped cream icing and a cherry

Pineapple Upside Up Vanilla cake baked with caramelized pineapple filling, glazed and topped with brown sugar buttercream and cherry

Chocolate Cinnamon Chip Chocolate cake, cinnamon cream cheese filling, topped with vanilla buttercream and cinnamon chips



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